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  • Great 70s Slide Night!

    Great 70s Slide Night!

    Few people remember this long-lost social tradition. For most, it’s a forgotten memory. “Slide nights? Oh yeah. Hey! I remember those! I wonder what happened to them?” Before I answer that question, let’s recall what a typical suburban slide night looked like. Fondues and flared corduroy pants made an appearance on most slide nights. So…

  • Man Overboard Situation

    Man Overboard Situation

    Boating accidents happen. If someone falls into the water, they can go missing and leave no trace behind. Sometimes, there are no witnesses. Currents and sharks will make a body disappear into the vast nothingness within days. Suspicion often surrounds man-overboard situations. But who can prove foul play existed if there’s no evidence to support…

  • Breaking Up Could Be The Best Thing I’ll Ever Do

    Breaking Up Could Be The Best Thing I’ll Ever Do

    The fairy tale is coming to an end. I say I love you, but my throat gets tight when I speak the words. It doesn’t feel right. If I had to describe our relationship with absolute honesty, I think parts of it have become a horror story. I mean, we’ve worked on fixing the problems…

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