Erotica on a beach

Erotic Fiction – (A Beach Romance)

<start of excerpt>

“But she gave you up for him? I can’t believe… I think you’re perfect. I’d never let you go.” Natasha turned again and rose to give him a kiss.

A small white triangle of sail drifted slowly across the horizon as the sky turned from gold to crimson.

“My mother must’ve been crazy. Did you think she was crazy for leaving?”

Mitchell played it down. There was no way he’d reveal the truth to her.

“We were young. Our relationship had run its course. She had a lot more living to do before settling down. She wanted more and I couldn’t give her what she needed.”

“She had you, what else would she need?”

“Having each other is fine when you’re starting out but there comes a time when you look at planning ahead. She liked dreaming and thinking about the future. I was a more of a living-in-the-now-kind-of-guy and that scared her. I guess she couldn’t handle the uncertainty.”

“I like living in the now. Now is good. That’s the best place to be. She also said you had sex, like, all the time!”

They laughed and the crimson faded to pink.

“You know, I think your mother said way too much to you about our sex life. Did you two ever talk about anything else?”

“It’s okay Mitchell. I don’t mind.”

“Well I do. I’m not so sure it was a good thing telling you so much but yes, we were energetic. We were teenagers. Our hormones were high.”

“How beautiful… and then it ended?”

“Yes. It’s like I said, our relationship had run its course.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. I’m so lucky to have you.”

Mitchell didn’t agree. Mitchell had once loved Nina but he also knew Nina had been a liar and a cheat. Any daughter produced by her would have the genes to do the same.

He turned and watched the tiny sail move along the horizon and gently stroked his lover’s breast. A part of him wished to be on that boat headed for somewhere else, to escape the deceitful tendrils of another manipulative woman determined to claim ownership of something she wasn’t entitled to.

Another part wanted to lie his muse down and let the soft lapping murmur of the water set the rhythm to a long session of inspiration on the sand. The remainder went to its usual dark place.

But the trip had been planned for days and Kurdaitcha was well contained. A fine weather forecast had guaranteed it. The only thing left to do was to enjoy his time. She sighed deeply as his hand slid beneath her bikini.

Nina and Mitchell had never rushed. When they made love, they’d spend hours stroking each other, making love at every chance.

Making love to her daughter was the same. She moved the same, reacted the same way to those things Mitchell did to her. He kissed her ear and she lightly stroked his cock through the fabric of his swimming trunks.

Mitchell shifted his hips to let his monster unfurl inside his pants.

“You’re leaking,” she said, squeezing the damp patch of fabric over its tip.

He lifted her top and exposed the light coloured flesh to the air. “You’re hard,” he replied, watching her nipple react. She looked down and saw the rigid, pink domes. “God I’m so horny. Let’s take this to the boat Mitchell, come on.”

“Stay here. Here’s fine.”

“No Mitchell, we’ll get caught.”

“By who? Everyone’s gone home. We’re the only ones here.”

“What about the four-wheel-drives?”

“Only at low tide sweetie. They can’t get up here now.”

“But it’s still light out. They−”

A wave of pleasure ended her words.

“O-okay,” she acquiesced. “W-what do you want me to do?”

“Play! I’ll go first. Lift your head and take a peak under my shorts.”

She giggled. “I know what’s there.”

“Pretend it’s your first time.”

“Okay,” Natasha sat up and placed her head on his chest. “Like this?” She asked, lifting the top of his pants, exposing the shiny head. “Oh my lord! You seem to have something here. What do you want me to do with it?”

“Take your hand−”


“And hold it.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, but don’t jerk it like that. Just hold it a while.”


“While you hold me, take your other hand and pull my shorts down a bit to let the tip out.”

“Oh, that’s a bit hard to do… hang on… I’ll just move here and… there you go! It’s out.”

“What do you see?”

“I see an angry eye looking at me. Mitchell, your dick is out where everyone can see!”

“Don’t worry about who can see it. So you see an eye, right?”


“What about the head?”

“It’s all shiny and purple.”

“Good. Now take your hand off and put your thumb to the base of it.”

“Like this?”

“Further down, more toward the centre.”


“Yes. Now, when I say so, draw your thumb up to the head. Okay, go.”


“More pressure darling, that’s it. Go right up to the vee.”

“You’re leaking again.”

“Yes, now give me three slow but firm wanks, the last one ending at the top, then squeeze tight.”

“One, two… where did all that come from?”

“What do you see?”

“It’s clear. I’ve never seen so much juice before.”

“Well, this is the first time you’ve milked it. Now take my pants off and let me out.”

“Yes, that’s right, now toss them over there.”

“Okay… Jesus Mitchell you haven’t got anything on. Aren’t you worried someone might come by?”

“No. Now I’m going to lay back and tell you what to do, okay?”

“Alright. This is so weird. I can’t believe we’re doing this.” She crossed her legs, took his dick in her right hand and looked around. “If anyone sees this we’ll both go to jail.”

“No we won’t. Now point me to the sky. Now three more deep wanks and make the last one count, okay? Make it come to the top like before.”

Natasha stroked as directed and drew up a large drop of clear semen to its eye.

“What do you see this time?”

“A pearl! It’s like a glistening pearl! It’s just sitting there, shining in the light.”

“Bring your head this way and put your little pearl between you and the yacht.”

“Far out! There’s a teeny-tiny upside down boat on the end of your penis Mitchell.”

“Let me see. Perfect. Now sit up again. Be careful you don’t spill it. Keep its plinth upright so it doesn’t fall off.”

“Plinth, how cute! Okay, now what?”

 “Take your index finger and put the pearl on the tip of it. Don’t let it fall.”

“Like this?”

“Perfect. Hold it up between us so we can see through it.”

The finger and little sphere of liquid passed over his stomach, Natasha had to turn around and move onto her knees to get the angle right.

“Now look.”

“It’s you!”

“It’s you too. We are on your finger.”

“That’s amazing! How on earth do you find these things?”

“Observation. You just have to be prepared to observe everything, including the little pearls in this life.”

“It’s no wonder my mother loved you.”

“Now put it on your lips.”


“Take the pearl I made you and place it on your lips. Don’t be afraid.”

“Umm… okay.”

“Now run it around, like you do when you’re putting on lip gloss. That’s it. Now turn sideways so I can see the shine. Perfect. Now do this.”

Mitchell grabbed her and pulled her down, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. She let out a squeal just before their mouths met but it was quickly smothered. The slippery kiss went on for many minutes. The muffled squeals became more audible when he suddenly pushed her away.

Her eyes popped open. “Far fucking out Mitchell! Geeze Louise! What the fuck?” She collapsed in a heap beside him, quivering and short of breath. “That was…oh, you’re bad. You’re very bad. I’ve never had… you’ve never done that before! Where the hell did that come from?”

“It’s something I dreamed of doing sometime ago.”

“That’s just… whoa. Let me breathe a bit. D−did you ever do that to my mother?”

“Nope. That one’s yours.”

The back of her hand met her forehead. “Man! That should have a warning label on it. That’s wild. Thank you. I love this. Let’s do it again.”

They went through the erotic process again and another pearled finger appeared between the two of them.

“Uh-uh, not your lips this time. Your tongue. Put it on the tip.”

Fully aroused, she didn’t ask questions. The goal to reach Mitchell’s next move was more compelling. They kissed until they couldn’t breathe anymore.

“I think I came.”


“Yes, I think so. That’s never happened before. I came and you haven’t touched me. What’s going on?”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out. Lie down.” Mitchell sat up and undid the bows on her bikini bottoms.

“No Mitchell! Don’t−” Before she could stop him they were off. She covered herself with a hand.

“Aroused lovers,” he said, “express themselves openly. They give themselves to the art of lovemaking. Take your hand away. It’s just us, only us.”

Natasha looked up and down the beach. “Okay, but if I hear anything, I’m taking the dinghy and going back to the boat!”

“And your top.”

“Can’t I just−”


“Oh my lord, what have I gotten myself into? This is crazy.” Reluctantly, she reached behind and slowly undid the strings that held it to her chest. “Okay? Are you happy?”

“Give it to me. Look, I’m out there and I can’t hide it!” He twisted and let his stem swing from side to side.

Natasha laughed. “Oh my god! That’s so funny.”

“Show me you’re not afraid. Let’s be creative together.”

“Okay okay!”

“Oh alright you mad man. Here’s your damn top!” He took the piece of clothing from her and tossed it away. “Now what?”

“You’ll see. Kiss me.”

That I can do.” She gave a quirky salute and fell into his arms, lips first.

Her mother used to do that.

Salute, yes, but never naked on a beach.

I don’t see the point. You’re wasting this.

I have time.

Stop playing.

This is what I want. Let me be.

Is there a storm coming?



“How was that?” Mitchell asked.

“Bloody fantastic but not as good as that pearly version. I want that again. Let me do it.” She grabbed his cock and he shouted instantly “Whoa, hang on! I’m not a cow and you’re not a milkmaid. Take it easy and slow down.”

“But I want this,” she pleaded playfully, giving it another tug and smiling. “Give it, go on. I like it.”

“Lie down,” he said, brushing her hand away and pushing her back. “Go on, right there. Lie down.”


Mitchell held up a finger and she stopped. She frowned briefly, complied and found a spot on the sand next to their footprints. “Don’t get sand in it. That’s all I ask.”

“I won’t. Just lie back and close your eyes.”

He knelt beside her and opened her legs wide.

“That’s so rude!” She shrieked, lifting her head and trying to close her thighs.

“Close your eyes and be quiet. I need to be creative, so let me explore the canvas. Everything needs to be right for my art to flow.”

He spoke softly, tracing a line along her legs with a single finger, “Such a lovely scene. There’s the sea, an open sky, a naked woman beside her lover. Her skin is bathed in the last of the day’s sun, surrounded by sand and water. It’s warm. It’s calming. Listen to the water, listen, you can hear it reaching for us. You know why you’re here. You know you’ll be made love to.”

He ran his finger over her clit and her chest rose.

“I could take you now but not quite yet. Here, hold this.”

He took her hand and placed it around his cock. Her lips parted a little when she took hold of it.

“Just touch. Don’t pull, just stroke lightly, really lightly.” He ran his finger over her clit again. Her lips parted more. “That’s it. You’re doing fine.”

“Do you like this?” He asked.

A barely audible word came back. “Yes.”

“Good. Now what I want you to do is what you did before, only this time I’m going to take the pearl. Are you ready?”


“Three long wanks and on the last, squeeze and draw it out. Here you go, one… two, oh yeah, that’s it… open your eyes and watch it…three.”

Her head tipped up as a clear generous pearl oozed from the tip of Mitchell’s penis. With his right hand busy making tiny circles in her pussy, he moved the middle finger of his left hand to the end of his swollen pole and said, “It’s important you watch this. It only works if you watch closely.”

Scooping the glistening droplet onto the top of his finger he said, “See? This is me. I now give myself to you.”

Her eyes were transfixed on the clear dome as he moved it above her pussy. He separated her labia and lightly placed the droplet onto her clit. She shuddered at its touch and her eyes closed. Her head fell back and she let go of his dick. Gasping in excitement, she placed both hands above her head and arched her back.

“Feel that? That’s me on you. Now tell me if you feel this too.”

The strokes he used on her were so small and delicate that, at any other time, this kind of touch wouldn’t have been enough. But Mitchell had stretched her out, keeping her passion at bay and letting her desire build. She was so sensitive she could’ve felt a whisper of breath from the other side of the bay.

She shuddered again and her head twisted slowly from side to side. Her arms swept back and forth beside her, enjoying the sand’s very texture.

For Mitchell, this was a beautiful experience. Never before had he had a chance to explore his erotic sexuality. His wife Sam was too icy to allow such discoveries. She said no all the time.

Nina enjoyed sex but she preferred doing it in a bedroom. If asked, she’d certainly say no to making sand angels on a public beach. Her daughter had said the same thing.

Natasha didn’t want to do it but she was coaxed into it anyway.

Everything Mitchell’s mother had said had turned out backwards. No didn’t mean no after all. It’s was a yes waiting to be found. She was wrong, again!

“Do that again,” Natasha murmured. She opened her legs further, arched her back higher and moaned.

It made him angry deep inside. Everything he’d done in his life was done for his mother. Fury burned at his core. Occasionally it made it all the way to the surface.

I don’t see the point.

Don’t bother me. I’m busy.

I see that. Take her.

Go away.

Why do this?

I like it. That’s why.

Her time is over.

I know. But I have her now.

She won’t last.

I know.

Just take her and do it.


Take her. She doesn’t care.

I care.

You’re such a weakling. Let me do it.

Mitchell’s finger turned and thrust roughly into Natasha’s vagina. She yelped and writhed on the sand as he pushed his fist into her.

See? She doesn’t care.

Stop that!

Just like her mother.

Give me my hand back!

Look at her wriggling around.

Stop. It hurts her. Can’t you see?

It doesn’t. I’m going to give her more.

No! Stop!

His fist came out and her eyes popped open.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Never mind. You can keep doing that if you want to.” She smiled, closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and waited.


I see. I’m not blind.

You think holding back matters?

Mother said it mattered.

Mother doesn’t know.

But I want to please.

You keep pleasing our mother. Get inside that pussy.

“Come here baby,” she pleaded with arms outstretched.

You prefer it difficult.

What do you mean?

Torment. You like it.

I do not.

You live for it.

She softly patted her pussy and made small movements with her hips. “Put that here. I need you baby.”

Look at her. She’s ready and you’re arguing with me.

“Come on. What are you waiting for?”

“Just watching, appreciating the moment. Look at you, all naked and lovely. This is perfect.”

She smiled. “Well, this naked woman needs you down here. Come on down and please me.”

Mitchell stroked himself and stepped towards her. He knelt in the sand beside her and kissed her mouth. She pulled him sideways, forcing him on top of her. She guided his cock between her slippery lips whispering, “I guess you know I came now.”

“Yes. I know.”

“You’re bad Mitchell. Oh, you’re very bad. You should just… mmm, that’s it… oh, deep. Mmmm.”

She never finished her request. She sighed as his hot and lengthy cock rode all the way to her cervix.

Deep thrusts ensured a full sensation that these two knew well. As their passion grew, so too did the movements of their bodies. Mitchell became frenzied, taking them on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. At its height, their passionate kisses broke apart and turned to sounds of grunts and squeals that pushed them deep into the sand. She came twice more and sweat poured from his brow, dripping onto her chest and stomach.

“We’re going to have to do something about this,” she said panting.

“I thought that’s what we were doing.”

“No, I mean the sand. It’s in places it shouldn’t be.”

He slowed and then stopped. “Is that what I can feel?” He said, breathing heavily and blinking away salty sweat. “Why didn’t you say? I would’ve stopped.”

“It was okay at first… and I kinda liked it but then it was, like, nup, I don’t want that. I think I’ve got some serious sandpaper rash. It’s not working. We’ll have to finish this in the boat.”

“Can I ask one thing before you pull out?”


“Come out slow… very slow… that’s it, yep that’s fine. Oh my god, look at your thingies.”

Mitchell looked down at his testicles and saw them covered in wet romance and caked sand. “Fuck!”

He saw her vagina was raw and reddened. “Come with me. I’ll sort this out baby,” he said.

She took his hand and they walked down to the shallow waters where he laid her down and floated her in an area that was barely knee-deep. With his hand holding her up from the small of her back, he sat on the sandy sea-floor and stroked her pussy until all the sand was gone.

<end of excerpt> …more excerpts

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