19th Oct

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A new podcast was published today. Enjoy!

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11th Oct

What an extraordinary run of new readers and traffic has happened this way! Making the switch to this server was absolutely worth it! I should’ve done it years ago!

Ironically, my old host has offered me a great deal to stay. Too late. Besides, it totally missed the point. Slow server speeds was the issue, not price. Mine is a text-based site. I’m not streaming live video content with a shop-front and e-commerce attached. It’s words and a lo-res picture or two. You can’t get a more simpler format! Any deal offered would have to start with the word speed. Bye bye old host!

Google Search is about to prioritise site speed when creating results in search. Slow sites will be downgraded, while faster ones will go up-the-list. Up is better than down, right? Let’s stay up.

What is down right now is my time recording new podcast material. I’ve got the gear ready for it, but not able to get to my mike, press record, and sit down to lay down a track. Sit tight. I’ll get to it shortly. – M

21st Sept

Not much to report. Site transfer is 99% complete and that’s about it. I’ve shuffled a few things around on the menu to make it easier to find stuff. It’s a cleaner, simpler layout. I hope this site is quicker and tidier to browse.

I’ve popped my personal Insta on this page too. Now you can see what I’m doing in and out of my writing days. See Ya!

11th Sept

It’s been twenty years since a certain terrorist attack took place in the United States. My condolences to all those who were affected by the tragedy that unfolded on that fateful day. It’s one of those events that, for me, pinpoints an exact moment in time. I know where I was and what I was doing the moment I saw the second plane hit the tower. I watched the TV and witnessed the first tower smoking from some kind of fire, and then watched a commercial jet plane fly across the screen. An explosion erupted from the other tower and that was that. A major part of history was being made, and none of it seemed real.

I write fiction and, if the 9/11 attack wasn’t real, it would’ve made a great story in a novel. The plot to wage a war on a super-power by way of a series of lone-wolf-styled attacks was highly effective. So few combatants were required to create such a high-profile, high-level of fear in the public. As a fictional narrative, it’s perfect. Of course, the events did happen. The steps that were taken after that point are up for debate, but most agree something needed to be done. Unfortunately, the culprit wasn’t an individual but a radical ideal. People are just its vehicle. That’s one powerful aggressor who can’t be captured, tried or jailed for any crime. America was and still is a target because that ideal is still a free man.

On other things, I was nominated by a reader for a Booktopia ‘Best Australian Author’ Facebook Poll. Don’t ask me if this will lead anywhere, as there are already hundreds of nominations before and after me. I’m also not sure if the poll has an outcome. There doesn’t seem to be a prize or award attached to it. Oh well, I’m just glad a stranger stepped up to the plate for me. I love it when someone votes or comments on my behalf. It makes the whole writing thing much more plausible!

1st Sept

Second vaccination completed. I’ve been waiting for this moment since the first one was done 12 weeks ago. I’m looking forward to getting past this nasty virus business and seeing our country open-up again. And, although I know vaccinations aren’t compulsory, I think it’s everyone’s duty to do it. The longer it takes to vax our population, the worse the situation will become.

I had a small piece of writing go viral over on Medium recently. Haters came from everywhere. Supporters swung by too. I had a wide range of people comment on an article I wrote about a nasty daughter-in-law. It’s a piece I’ve posted twice before, but something went right this time. I have no idea what I did differently, but I’m happy at the results. Traffic came to my website and readership went up. Plenty of new subscribers are being added daily. It’s strange how the same content, posted months apart, can have such varying results.

If you want to add your thoughts to the article, go to the Shorts option on the menu, and follow the viral link there. It’ll take you straight to it. After you’ve read it, take a look at the comments section and the words left by people who felt moved, both for and against the story. It seems some people can relate to the issue some parents have with their in-laws, and others who need to fiercely defend them.

Back to writing.

Stay safe.

…remember, an inexplicable neurosis isn’t always a bad thing. -Michael