Dark Fiction Excerpts

Some of the steamier sections [script] of the text.

A Beach Romance.

Mitchell and Natasha enjoy alone time by the water.

Related Tags: Couples; Romantic; Intimacy; Sex; Erotica; Sand; Island; Moreton Bay; Sailing; Dark Fiction.

The Beast – Arrival.

A pleasant dinner with friends ends with a storm.

Tags: Lighting; Rain; Storm; Photography; Situational Dissociation, Dark Fiction; Kurdaitcha; Chocolate cake.

Buttons, Zippers, Laces.

Nina, her man, and one other get steamy in the hallway.

Tags: Erotica, Kissing, Lovers, Intimacy, Voices, Kurdaitcha.

Pussy Odour: Stir Him Crazy

She has a unique way of keeping him close.

Tags: Erotica, Lovers, Tease, Steamy.

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