Australian Author Michael Forman


Name: Michael Forman

Born: Sydney, Australia

Age: 54

Lived: Brisbane, Queensland

Lives: Mandurah, W.A


Interests: Writing, Photography, Acting, Tennis, Karaoke.

Michael Forman

Michael began writing copy for newspapers in the early ’90s.  

“As a photographer with a growing collection of travel photographs, I began writing copy to get more of them published. I sold my first feature story to a major Australian newspaper in 1994. Since then, my work has been printed in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.” -Michael Forman

Michael is recipient of a diploma: Photography with Journalism.

Free (limited time)

SEETHINGS became an entirely new writing project — one that didn’t require a camera at all. It became a novel. It actually became a series of them.

“I was itching to expand my creative horizons by making pictures with words, not film.” -Michael Forman

SEETHINGS and SEETHINGS 2 are the first two books of a trilogy — a darker look at love, marriage, sex and photography. It’s about a photographer who’s eager to shoot the perfect thunderstorm but ends up participating in a storm of another kind. <excerpts here>

The narrative places the reader at a cliff on the banks of the Brisbane River. A body of a photographer is found near the Story Bridge by morning joggers after a night of wild thunderstorms. The pattern of events is, at first, loosely intriguing, until things begin to lock together. They’ll soon line up to reveal an explosive ending that’ll horror the tender-hearted. If I could leave you, dear reader, with one small clue to give you a head start — not everything we’re shown in photographs comes from the open side of a lens. Sometimes the answer we’re truly seeking lies at the other side of a camera. If you squint hard enough for long enough, the viewfinder will reveal much more about life, love, marriage and sacrifice than you’ll ever be prepared to accept. Thank God, is all I can say.

Get ready for twists that will bend your senses!

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