Our Secret Affair

Secret Affair: ‘The Kisses Taste Way Better.’

I must confess, the touches are tinglier too. But I have another secret to share with you. I wish I’d done this way sooner.

The number of nights I’ve laid awake thinking about cheating on my spouse is endless. Should I or shouldn’t I go there? It’s been years since we were intimate. I can’t remember the last time sex was merely satisfactory. So I made a decision that changed me. Life is good now and the sex is great!

Last night, l cheated again. And I’m not sorry either. I don’t mind sharing my secret with you. To some, it’s wrong and unacceptable — and if you’re a hater then to hell with you! Haters don’t know what I’ve been through. I had no choice but to go outside my marriage. I needed this so much! It works. I’m happy.

How to kiss properly

Cheating keeps me sane. Without it, I’d be climbing walls and being argumentative all the time. My spouse has no time for arguments, intimacy, or sexual empathy. It’s always work, work, work. Well, I was done with being someone’s second priority. Being taken for granted isn’t what I signed up for. The second chances and excuses I kept giving my partner ran out. So I made a choice. I did it and have no regrets.

I’ve done more with my secret FWB in three months than what happened in my entire marriage. The passion is off-the-charts! We do everything and it’s totally mind-blowing. There’s so much more freedom in the affair. The bizarre marital restrictions that exist at home don’t matter anymore. I’m alive when I’m cheating!

Yes, we tried marriage counselling and better communication techniques were applied. We also tried date nights. Romantic weekends away. Nothing worked. Married life just became an awkward routine that never went away. It wasn’t the way I expected to live. Monogamy was the dream. I wanted one person for life. It’s a nice idea gone wrong, right?

And then there’s my affair partner. Their situation is almost identical.

If it weren’t for this new arrangement, Nina’s life would be just as sexless as mine. We both craved touch so much, but our spouses were absent. They live beside us, but they’re not with us. It’s complicated for an outsider to understand, but it’s not complicated for us.

Secret Affair kisses

Before this affair, I had to embrace defeat or make some radical changes to my way of thinking. Something had to break, so I did. Now I’m happy. So is my wife. I don’t look to Samantha for sex anymore, and she likes it that way. She stays busy, doing the things that make her happy, one of which isn’t sex.

Nina’s husband isn’t too busy for sex, he’s just too tired to play. Like Sam, he’s a decent person. He’s just not into sex.

Nina and I love our spouses, we just didn’t like the icy lifestyles that come as part of the deal. We wanted to feel the fire! It’s delicious when we burn — and we know how to fry. Its glow leaves smiles on our faces.

Are we too demanding of our spouses? Perhaps. If quick vanilla once a year is too demanding, then yes, we’re guilty. Most of what we wanted was to feel human again. We like to kiss and hold hands. Hugging is high on our list too. Sex completes the package. Our problems are solved with this new arrangement, and the two marriages have improved for it.

Should I stay in this secret affair

Would I tolerate this behaviour if it were my wife cheating on me?

Ten years ago, I’d have said no in an instant. Now, if taking a lover made her happy, then I’d consider it. Happiness for me required a behavioural change to take place deep inside me. I needed to accept a new kind of normal for our marriage. Sure, if Sam wanted it, I’d consider accepting a new kind of normal. Why can’t we embrace change for both sides? Change can help us all if we expanded our minds and put our trust in love, not sex.

Who am I kidding? Sam wouldn’t take a lover. She doesn’t need sex at all. Reading is her pleasure. We have a growing library on her side of the bed, and I’m not worth placing a bookmark into any of their pages for a moment of romance.

I know what you’re wondering. Kids? Do we have them? No. We have none. That’s why we have three healthy teenage-sized piles of books instead. I allow my wife to read without distraction. Children will never be a part of our equation.

She’s asexual. That’s all there’s to say about her. Don’t overthink it. No sex is the best sex. If only I’d found out about it before taking a walk down the aisle with her.

And then six women died in mysterious circumstances. It was all over the news. Maybe you know one of the victims.


Five women’s bodies are discovered after the nights of thunderstorms. Their spouses are suspected of the crimes, but it becomes clear that someone else is responsible. There’s no blood and few clues. A storm photographer specialising in taking lightning pictures may be the only witness.


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