Dark Adult Fiction. Character Spotlight: Super-Organised Samantha Felding.

Sam is a highly trustworthy, dependable woman — personable to all who encounter her. She’s a loyal friend, supportive sister and model daughter to her parents. Her work ethic is focused and flawless. She is also asexual.

Samantha Felding.

  • Thirty-something
  • Married to Mitchell Felding (10 years.)
  • High School Educator
  • Self – Motivated
  • High Achiever
  • Dedicated Christian

Samantha remembers names, birthdays and anniversaries without prompts or notes. She reads the daily obituaries, just in case someone she knows passes away. Sympathy cards are bought and sent via regular post frequently. Handwritten heartfelt messages always accompany them. Letters are written in long-hand, grammatically correct from the first word to the last.

There are calendars and clocks in every room of her home. A day planner sits on her desk, and she has three other diaries in the home. She has a plethora of reminder messages written on post-it notes which are stuck on a pinboard beside her computer. Not one second of her day is wasted on frivolous activities. She has organised everything within an inch of its life. Some say she’s an old soul in a young body — too empathetic and disciplined to be a product of her generation. Winging-it isn’t in her vocabulary. There’s no such thing as making things up.

She’s a high-school teacher and very good at what she does. Her recent promotion to Department Head was a result of this… and her high standard of officiousness. She deserved the appointment. Those she works with, agree with the new placement too. She’s an intelligent, strong and independent woman. Ask her if she’s a feminist, and she’d answer with a resounding no. She’d simply say she was getting the job done – a trait of humbleness she got from her mother.

Oh yes, that hard-working, quiet-achiever type is a nice trait, but it fools the best of them. Husband Mitchell sees another side that isn’t shown to anyone else. Deep on the inside, Sam’s an anxious mess. She’s conflicted with the pressures of modern life. She’s a professional woman struggling with the modern expectations of feminism, and religion, with old-fashioned values. It comes at a price and it makes her doubt herself all the time. It also keeps her asking herself over and over: “Am I doing enough for God?”

She tries so hard not to disappoint Him. This means that she’s got something to worry about every second of the day.

Sugar can be a challenge. Brown or white sweetener for guests? Should it come in a bowl, with a shared spoon or stirrers instead? Is it proper to provide individual spoons at each place setting? What if the coffee is too strong, or not strong enough? Milk or cream or both? What if the discussion turns political while they’re drinking the coffee? There should be a quick go-to topic just in case. Tea must be made available too. Artificial sweetener? Yes, some people are on diets.

It’s difficult to be Sam.

Needless to say, spontaneity threatens to ruin Sam’s carefully arranged world. Even Mitchell has to book in to visit his wife. Sex is a somewhat unnecessary activity anyway. It’s last on Sam’s to-do list. That’s why, after a decade, the couple is childless and Mitchell has taken up a new hobby.

Counsellor Tony Brindell is about to open Pandora’s Box by asking him one simple question.


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Five women’s bodies are discovered after the nights of thunderstorms. Their spouses are suspected of the crimes, but it becomes clear that someone else is responsible. There’s no blood and few clues. A storm photographer specialising in taking lightning pictures may be the only witness.


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