Romantic Twist Inclusion: Nina DeJong

Nina is Mitchell’s former high school love. She was his first. Their two-year relationship was of the sweet and safe kind. But their encroaching adult lives started interfering with their naive, youthful romance. It was never going to last.

It ended when Nina decided to break the news to Mitchell. It was time to move on with her life.

Nina DeJong.

  • Thirty-five.
  • Professional educator.
  • The ‘Other’ woman.
  • Former teenage girlfriend to Mitchell Felding.
  • Recently divorced.
  • Single mother.
  • Homebody. Recluse.
  • Believes in karma.

When it comes to love and dating, shyness has kept Nina single. Even her neighbours know little of the woman who moved into the home at the end of their street. She enjoys her privacy and keeping her address hidden from her former spouse.

She was married but that bastard left Nina for their child’s nanny. This made Nina furious. She committed an act of violence against him before scooping up their daughter and abandoning their matrimonial home. She moved back to the big city to be with her parents and to start over. She continues to make applications through the courts to access that bastard’s money while using the daughter as leverage to get it. She doesn’t need it as she already received most of it. She simply wants to bring him to his knees. She thinks karma is her ally and he’ll die a tragic death because of what he did to her and their child.

Nina and Mitchell broke up when they were just nineteen. As Nina walked away, she stopped, looked over her shoulder and said, “If we’re alone ten years from now, why don’t we look each other up?”

man kisses and hugs the woman
Love me safely

The criteria were met. More than ten years have passed. Both are alone. Mitchell picked up the phone and dialled her number.


Michael talks about Nina


Five women’s bodies are discovered after the nights of thunderstorms. Their spouses are suspected of the crimes, but it becomes clear that someone else is responsible. There’s no blood and few clues. A storm photographer specialising in taking lightning pictures may be the only witness.


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