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Solace’s Beach

Samantha, a 17-year-old with an adventurous spirit, found herself drawn to the desolate beauty of Australia’s rugged coastline.

The remote beach, a place where crashing waves harmonized with her inner turmoil, offered brief but welcome solace. On a fateful summer afternoon, she set out alone, determined to find the tranquillity she so desperately sought.

As she walked along the barren shoreline, Samantha’s senses heightened. The wind whispered secrets to her, secrets that only the untamed ocean understood. The sky was awash with shades of red and orange, casting eerie shadows over the jagged rocks and deserted caves. Ignoring the locals’ warnings about the treacherous currents that lurked beneath the deceptively calm surface, she ventured further into the water.

The world around her blurred as Samantha swam deeper. The waves grew more formidable, tugging at her with an unnatural force. Panic surged through her veins as she realized she was no longer in control. Her desperate cries for help were swallowed by the relentless surf.

News reports painted a grim picture: Samantha had fallen victim to the dangerous currents, swallowed by the ocean’s insatiable hunger. But the locals, those who had long called this unforgiving coastline their home, whispered a different tale.

Legend had it that someone lived nearby, concealed in one of the ancient beachside caves. They spoke of a recluse, a hermit shrouded in mystery, who held dominion over the tides. This unknown, unseen individual was rumoured to possess powers beyond human comprehension, a guardian of the shoreline.

Samantha’s family refused to accept the official account, and their grief was tinged with suspicion. They sought the counsel of the beachside cave’s legend keeper, an elderly fisherman named Old Tom. He spun a chilling tale that made the blood run cold.

“The Cave Dweller,” he muttered, “a vengeful spirit that dwells within the heart of this very beach. It is said that anyone who dares to defy the sea’s embrace is claimed by the Dweller, forever lost to this realm.”

Old Tom’s words sent shivers down their spines, and they contemplated the possibility that something otherworldly had snatched Samantha from their midst.

They searched for clues, piecing together stories of eerie shadows lurking among the rocks, strange symbols etched in the sand, and the inexplicable whispers that echoed through the cave’s depths. Their quest for answers took them to the cave, but there was no sign of Samantha.

Hi. Welcome to the pit.

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