Self Reflection Found In The Glass Of A Photographer’s Viewfinder

SEETHINGS and SEETHINGS 2 are the first two books of a trilogy — a darker look at love, marriage, sex and photography. It’s about a photographer eager to shoot the perfect lightning bolt, but ends up in the middle of another type of storm. (excerpts of them are found here)

The narrative places the reader at a cliff on the banks of the Brisbane River. The body of another photographer is found by morning joggers hanging from a tree root near the Story Bridge. This follows a night of wild thunderstorms. The pattern of events that precede it appear, at first, loosely connected, until their plots line up to reveal an explosive ending that’ll horrify the tender-hearted.

If I could leave you, dear reader, with one last word — not everything a photographer wants to understand about the pictures they fail to capture will come from using a bad lens or a poorly timed shutter. Sometimes the answers they seek are found deep within themselves. Thank God they don’t focus on that and choose the easy road instead. It’s better to question the composition of a yet-to-be-taken lightning photograph than to confront the inner-self. That can be a dangerous Beast.

Get ready for twists that will bend your senses!


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