Character Spotlight: Mitchell Felding (photographer)

Mitchell Felding

Mitchell Felding.

  • Thirty something
  • Married to Samantha Felding (10 years.)
  • Professional Photographer
  • Self Employed
  • Good Sense Of Humour
  • Practical

Dependable Mitchell comes with bucket loads of amiability. A joke accompanies most conversations. His warm smiles are enough to melt anyone’s ice. There’s a wonderful sense of calm surrounding our reliable, likable protagonist.

His personable character is a welcome change, especially when placed against that of his wife’s, Sam, who spends her time checking her watch, her calendars, and organizing things. She’s extremely officiant and highly strung. This kind of character synergy should be ideal for this relationship dynamic, but the blend isn’t working. Equitable work/life balances in the Felding home aren’t easy to come by. Mitchell is dedicated to his wife and supports her unusual sensitivities, but it’s never enough. There is always another obstruction blocking the path to their happiness. We look towards the past for answers. History offers us a clue to the source of their ongoing struggles.

broken rings

A long-term celibate relationship blossomed into a sexless marriage. The heartfelt abstinence they shared together was meant to be a gift for each other on their wedding night — a promise of devotion that’d secure their love, forever. Unfortunately, it’d worked against them. Sex was misunderstood, fearful, and it never became a form of intimacy for the couple. They had become experienced non-players. Sex was then turned into a weapon of a different kind.

My podcast series.

Counsellor Tony Brindell is helping the couple work on their marriage. He’s believes that the issues plaguing their lives are minor. He isn’t aware of the whole, darker truth. Despite Mitchell’s redeeming qualities, they are of no use to him or Tony. His journey into self discovery requires a kind of objectivity that neither Sam nor Tony can provide.

He must learn to let go of his pent-up emotions if he’s to solve five murders. He’s sure he knows the victims.

Happy ever after is calling inside the pages of SEETHINGS.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, Etc.


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