Character Spotlight: Mitchell Felding (photographer) Dark Adult Fiction.

Dependable Mitchell comes with bucket loads of amiability. A joke accompanies most conversations. His warm smiles melt anyone’s ice. There’s a wonderful sense of calm surrounding our reliable, likable protagonist.

Mitchell Felding.

  • Thirty something
  • Married to Samantha Felding (10 years sexless marriage.)
  • Professional Photographer and Photography Teacher
  • Self Employed
  • Good Sense Of Humour
  • Practical

His personable character is welcoming, especially when it’s placed against that of his wife’s, Sam, who spends her time checking her clocks, calendars, and organizing things. She’s extremely officiant but highly strung. This kind of personality mix could be ideal for both of them, but it isn’t. Equitable work/life balances in the Felding home aren’t easy to find. Mitchell is dedicated to his wife, but his efforts to settle her anxieties are never enough. There’s always a new obstruction blocking the path to the bedroom. We look to the past for answers to this struggle.

broken rings

A long-term celibate relationship began their journey. Heartfelt abstinence was meant to be a gift — a well-intended promise of devotion that’d secure their love, forever. Unfortunately, it worked against them. By the time they married, sex had become misunderstood, even feared. It never turned into a form of intimacy. Sex became a weapon of abuse — in an unexpected way.

Counsellor Tony Brindell is helping the couple work on their childless marriage. He believes the issues plaguing it are minor, but he isn’t aware of their depth. Despite Mitchell’s dedication and amiability, they’re of no use to him in the counsellor’s room. Sam’s methodical sense of organising things, doesn’t help either. Neither benefit from the therapy. Both are ill-equipped to move forward. A new kind of objectivity is required. It’s Mitchell who learns to let go of conformity to make the first breakthrough — and solve those five murders reported in the media. He’s sure he knows one of the victims, but Samantha dismisses him in an instant. Fixing his marriage takes priority, but understanding what happened to those women will have to be done on the down-low.

Happy ever after is calling inside the pages of SEETHINGS.


Five women’s bodies are discovered after the nights of thunderstorms. Their spouses are suspected of the crimes, but it becomes clear that someone else is responsible. There’s no blood and few clues. A storm photographer who specializes in taking pictures of lightning may be the only witness.


Murder On The Ocean – Fine Dark Fiction

Accidents happen. When they occur at sea, things turn bad fast. It’s a dangerous world on the waves. If someone falls overboard, they can go missing without a trace. There are few witnesses to recount what actually happened, and there isn’t even a body to inspect for evidence. Distance, drift, salt-water and sharks, often makes one disappear.

Suspicion often surround man-overboard situations, but who’s to deny an accident? Who can disprove it is there’s no evidence to the contrary? A rolling ocean, water across the gunwales and slippery decks, are the right combination of circumstances that can cause such an outcome to occur. It’s a regular situation on a boat. Accidents aren’t unusual. Each month, somewhere in the world, a person disappears from a vessel and their body is never found. It’s true.

Sailing a small yacht comes with special challenges.

A yacht has ropes, wires, sails and many moving parts. If the weather turns foul, it affects the boat in substantial ways. A wave can easily crawl over its deck, tip the boat, wet every surface and cause a boom to swing violently from one side of the yacht to the other. An unaware crew member can be clouted by it, catapulted clear across the cockpit, and then be sent directly into the sea.

Sometimes an encouraging push will do it.

Landlubbers are aware of the perils-at-sea by reading sailor biographies. It gives them some insight, but there’s still a great gap between reading, watching from a shore and what happens between the white-caps.

There is also the nice one that appears in romance fiction. It’s a cute, fuzzy version of yachting. Golden sunsets, salt-kissed skin, blue waters and island paradises — is the dreamy alternative. This fairy tale has helped to attract a certain type of person to try out sailing later in life. It’s the kind of character I like to write into my dark fiction.

Scarborough Marina, Redciffe

Single life in my late 30’s gave me a unique insight to the kinds of people who gravitate to yachting later in life. Recently detached women, many moving towards their second lives, weren’t afraid to invite themselves onto a sailor’s yacht, so they could see and experience something new.

Blending the sailing world with the second-life dating scene makes for an interesting study of interpersonal relationships. Quite often, an unhappy past life provides significant motivation to make the most of a brand new one. Love on a yacht moves quick and is deeply passionate. Unfortunately, some second-lifers haven’t ended their first-life marriages before stepping out on their spouses. They’ll keep secrets from everyone, including themselves, to feel good about themselves again. This secretive female is my protagonist’s perfect victim.

There’s no escaping a long sea voyage if the yacht’s skipper turns out to be a serial killer. And there’s no need for police to look for a missing person on the water if there isn’t a history of one being aboard a yacht.

Tanned bodies, sex and chardonnay is but half of the sailing story. The other half is about being surrounded by an abyss and unable to reach land when you desperately need it. This is the muse I used when writing the sequel to SEETHINGS, SEETHINGS 2.

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Michael Forman (Author)

A Sailing Affair
Two Random Victims
Childless Couple
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: eBook

‘Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.’

Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’

Scarborough Harbor - Australia
Life on the water.