How To Hide A Body Properly

It has to be asked. You’ve wondered about this too, right? Don’t be afraid. You’re among friends here. When I was starting out, resources were few and far between. No one showed anything to me. I had to teach myself and make it up as I went along. So, without prejudice, let me tell you the things I learned on the way to becoming a successful serial killer.

Basically, I’m lazy. It’s a character flaw. I’ve never wanted to dig a hole. In the early days, I’d always take the easy way out and find a ditch or a drain. I was so naïve. It kinda makes me laugh today. I was so foolish. I could’ve been caught. Fortunately, luck was with me. Rain fell sometime between the moment I dumped a body and when it was found. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened. Any evidence I may have left on a body was conveniently washed away. I learned how to improve my ways by refining the process and using the weather to assist my cause.

There are other ways to dispose of bodies, but many of them require effort. Some are simply bad for the environment. This brings me to my way.

There is another way. My way. It comes down to two primary things: 1) Location and 2) Timing. There is a third, but I’ll come back to that.

In the USA, there are 92 people per square mile. That’s 184 eyes looking around that mile at any one time. It’s almost impossible to do anything without someone knowing or photographing it. Get it wrong and it’s all over.

My killing ground has a much lower population density. There’s just 1 person in that same square mile. As a result of this wonderful statistic, I don’t do much with the bodies. I leave them where they fall and let nature do the rest. It works fine. In ten years, I’ve not been caught, and it’s an environmentally friendly practice… but I still choose my times and places for kills very carefully.

The summers are stiflingly hot and humid in my home town of Brisbane. A body that’s open to the climate decomposes fast. If I pick the right night to commit a murder, say, before a drenching thunderstorm, I find that it sorts out most of the evidence immediately. Once the washing is done, all that’s left to finish off the job is some time under a scorching sun. Assuming the body isn’t found at all, it then dissolves into the landscape quick.

And then there are the victims I choose. I go for strangers. They’re nothing to me. They have no historical associations with anything I do or have done. We cross paths one time and that’s it. There aren’t any chain of links to follow, not any that would be obvious anyway.

The Bikeway-Rapist gave me the right idea. He got away with his folly for a long time. Police had no clue who was doing those woman. He made it simple by keeping them random.

But he did two things wrong. He did it in daylight and then he let his victims live. Sure, it’s fine to help yourself to dessert, but it’s important to not get caught eating it! The one set of eyes in that square mile that saw everything remained alive. All it took was someone’s great memory and a good description to change the game for our bikeway rapist.

The moral of this story is: Don’t worry about how to hide a body, look at the kill location and choose the right victim.

Pure Evil and Kindness

Kill strangers in desolate places and let them drop just before the rain falls. -A

“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

Maxine Sewell Is A Brutal And Crass Woman. Here’s How I Dealt With A Female Narcissist.

Ugly. Inside and out. A nutshell. That’s Maxine. The pleasure I got from making such a repulsive character for my book was absolutely exquisite. It was a new and wonderful experience. I’d definitely do it again!

When it comes to writing novels, male characters fit ‘ugly’ much easier. And, as long as there’s a redeeming counter-force, readers don’t usually give Mr Ugly a second thought about his ‘ugliness’. He was made that way and it’s okay. Giving ‘ugly’ traits to a female character in modern fiction is risky. Many of us want to protect femininity at all costs. Putting a flawed female upfront defies logic. Women should be empowered. They are to be seen as an uplifting force in a world long fractured by an outdated patriarchy. Vulgar female behavior doesn’t exist today and, if it does, it doesn’t need discussing.

Wrong. It does.

I’ve met vile females. They do exist. Regardless of what society thinks about the matter of bringing the bitch to the page, she is a very real person. She’s a shitty individual. The she-narcissist lives amongst us — and she’s definitely worth mentioning. I wrote Maxine until I birthed her into life, and then I wrote until she was dead and buried. As a nod to feminism, I conceded to one thing when writing about this obnoxious super bitch: Her name. When it’s shortened, a man appears in its place.

I don’t apologise for creating this royal pain in-the-ass. I’m just glad to have had so much fun making and breaking her, using her demise to take charge of a much larger story. Her corpse was used to lay an original path for readers to walk. Now tread slowly and read where it goes and why I set up Maxine up to fail.

-Michael Forman (Author – Dark, Adult Fiction)

Breaking Up Could Be The Best Thing I’ll Ever Do

A fairy-tale is coming to an end. I can feel it. I say I love you, but something’s wrong. If I had to describe it accurately, parts of this relationship has become like a horror story. I mean, we’ve worked on fixing the problems — tried so very hard to make things right, but it hurts too much to keep doing it. I ache from aching. Losing you is wrong, but life should be easier to live than this. I’m losing my mind while hanging on to whatever fragments are left of this marriage.

Maybe Breaking Up Is Better

It’s not working. We aren’t working. You feel it too, don’t you? It can’t just be me. There’s something we haven’t tried. Breaking up. I’ve thought about it a few times. We should give it a go. I think we should try it one time. What do you think? Would you like to try it too?

One-sided mirror conversations are brilliant. Every word makes perfect sense. The mirror never argues. It listens and reflects empathy. That kind of support can’t be bought. But what happens when that mirror becomes a flesh and blood person? Those questions will affect someone, and I won’t know the reaction to them. I mean, I’ve never done this before. No one ever says how to break up or divorce now, do they? Sure, some think about it, jokes are sometimes passed between friends, but few of them are ever said or taken seriously. The truth is, once we’ve made a commitment to marry, it’s a one-way direction. We’re supposed to remain together forever.

Should the words, die trying, be included somewhere too?

Reaching the relationship Utopia known as, ’til death do us part, is easier said than done. Making it work every day for a lifetime is a whole different game of hearts. What if it doesn’t go the right way, and the journey has more than a few bumps along the way? What happens when it keeps on happening?

It’s no one’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault. Silence or bickering. Those are the options to those caught in this loop.

Is breaking up allowed?

It’s not romantic. There’s no romance here. It’s tragic. That’s what it is. Sad and disappointing. It’s like death. Something in us will die and it’ll never come back. So, the choice is that or accept ongoing torture. It is a fool who chooses this, but I’ve been foolish. I’ve accepted something I didn’t like and have allowed it each day. This is enabling. I let a bad habit take form in my life, and I don’t want any part of it anymore.

Yes, breaking up is allowed. Death is fine too. Let the relationship die. Kill and bury it. There’s nothing left to see here. It’s dead. Leave. Start walking. We can’t change the past, but we can leave and walk away from it today. Things won’t be the same again. It’s true.

That’s also the goddam point!

Break-ups happen. They really do. They’re a natural part of life. If we’re to believe that existence’s rainbow is made up of a kaleidoscope of colours, we must be prepared to accept the darkest ones too. They’ll visit us from time to time. Break up is one of those horrible colours, but it’s just that, a colour.

So walk away. Lift your head. Prettier colours will return again. We should be allowed to embrace The End without guilt, and then look forward to seeing the golds and yellows when the future finally arrives.

SEETHINGS is about long-term love. It’s about two proud people who have loved well but became love-martyrs to sustain an endless ending. She is an educator. He is a photographer. They are being counselled by radio identity Tony Brindell. He’s trying to unravel their mess, but inadvertently uncovers some darker secrets.

Someone is about to be tortured. Someone will die for all the pain.

Enjoy your SEETHINGS journey. Like love, it has the potential to torment — but it certainly won’t disappoint.

– Michael (Author)

Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman

“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language, and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

Writing That Goes Against Regular Plot Tropes

Fairy tales reward heroic characters with happy endings. Comfortably familiar, good triumphs over evil, love prevails, dirty environments are cleansed, and there’s always a happy-ever-after to finish off with. It’s perfect. In this challenging day-to-day world, all H.E.A stories warm our souls and rescues us from realism. We want to read about the good fight, denounce evil, and find social harmony. It’s a warm way to book-relax. It makes sense to want Utopia. It’s orderly. Calm.

"Heroism is accessible. Happiness is more difficult."
-Albert Camus

Let’s talk about stranger than fiction stories. Escapism can take a gigantic leap into the unbelievable if the right STF narrative comes along. Find the right kind of true life story, and it’ll surpass any happy-ever-after. It won’t always put you into a Utopian world, but an unintended villain can become a reluctant hero. Good AND evil can dwell inside a single character. It’s an awkwardly interesting plot foundation that doesn’t conform to modern tropes. If the story is truly real AND convincing, evil people can live inside good ones. Readers can discover new reading entertainment that doesn’t contain the usual writing clichés.

My Doomed Hero story begins below. The question to ask yourself is: How much of is really real and much of it is fiction?


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, Ipad, Etc.

Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language, and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

Secret Affair Confession: ‘The Kisses Taste Way Better.’

I must confess, the touches are tinglier too. I wish I’d done this sooner. The amount of nights I spent awake, thinking about cheating, was endless. Last night, l finally crossed over and did it. And I’m not sorry, either. It’s naughty, and I don’t mind sharing my secret with you here. To hell with you if you’re a hater! Haters don’t know what I’ve been through. I had no choice but to go outside my marriage. I needed this so much!

How to kiss properly

Cheating keeps me sane. Without it, I’d be climbing walls. My spouse has no time for intimacy. It’s always work, work, work. I’m done with being second best and low-priority. Being taken for granted isn’t what I signed up for. The second chances I kept giving my partner ran out, so I made a choice. I’ve done more with my secret FWB in three months than I did in the last decade. We do everything we don’t experience at home. That’s why our meetings are so precious. There’s so much more freedom. The bizarre marital restrictions at home don’t matter.

Yes, we did marriage counselling. Better communication techniques were applied through couple’s therapy. We tried date nights too, romantic weekends away, but nothing worked. Married life became awkward. It wasn’t the way I expected to live. Monogamy was the dream. It’s just it didn’t work out like I planned.

If it weren’t for this new arrangement, Nina’s life would be as sexless as mine. We crave touch, but our spouses are absent. They live with us, but they’re not with us. It’s complicated to an outsider, but it’s not to us.

Secret Affair kisses

Before this affair, I had to embrace defeat or make some radical changes to my way of thinking. Something had to break, so I broke. Now I’m happy. So is my wife. I don’t look to Samantha for sex anymore, and she likes that. She stays busy, doing the things that make her happy. Sex isn’t one of them.

Nina’s marriage is almost the same as mine. If her husband isn’t too busy for sex, he’s too tired to play.

She and I love our spouses, we just didn’t like the icy lifestyles. We wanted fire! It’s delicious to burn. We know how to cook. Eating leaves smiles on our faces.

Are we too demanding for our spouses? Perhaps. If quick vanilla twice a year is demanding, then yes, we’re guilty. There are no strange kinks with us. Most of what we want is to feel human again. We like to kiss. Hugging is high on our list too. Sex completes us. Our problems are solved with this arrangement, and two marriages are improved for it.

Should I stay in this secret affair

Would I tolerate this behaviour if it were my wife doing it and not me?

Ten years ago, I’d have said no in an instant. Now, if taking a lover made her happy, then I’d have to think a second time before saying anything. Happiness for me required a behavioural change to take place deep inside me. I needed to accept a new kind of normal. Sure, if Sam wanted it, I’d consider accepting a new kind of normal. Change is good. Why can’t we embrace change? Change can help us all if we expanded our minds and put our trust in love, not sex.

Who am I kidding? She wouldn’t think like that. She doesn’t need sex. Books do it for her. Reading is her pleasure. We’ve a growing library on her side of the bed, and I’m not worth placing a bookmark into any of their pages for a moment of romance.

She’s asexual. That’s all there’s to say. Don’t over-think it. No sex is best sex.

I know what you’re wondering. Kids? No. We have no children. That’s why we have three healthy teenage-sized piles of books along her side of the bed instead. I allow my wife to read without distraction, and I get laid.

And then six women died in mysterious circumstances. It was all over the news. Maybe you know one of the victims.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, Kindle Unlimited, Etc.

“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.
sexy kissing

Amateur Photographers Discover Body

What are you looking at? I'm not a real reporter. Got you!

Reporter: Julie Sephlia

MF News & Media

Logan City: Two Meadowbrook photography TAFE students taking a walk this morning, discovered a woman’s near naked body in low-lying grass on the banks of the Logan River.

A stock Logan City shot for trainers

Charlene Foley, 38 of Kingston, was last seen on Wednesday night after she told her husband she was going for a walk for fresh air. She never returned.

Logan City Police have released the following statement:

‘Mrs Foley appears to have left her Kingston address at about seven thirty on the night of the 15th and then made her way along Juers Street.’

‘We believe she met someone, relocating to a Meadowbrook address soon thereafter. There were sounds of a struggle on Juers Street, and we’re currently looking for a white sedan that was seen in the area around that time. We are also searching for her mobile phone’s SIM card.’

‘Cadets from Oxley Academy will be doing a ground search today, retracing her movements along the river, Armstrong Rd and its surrounds.’

Photography student Len Skapp who discovered the body said, ‘We were photographing birds and I said to John what’s that in the background? I thought it was someone sunbathing in the grass.’

Mrs Foley leaves behind two daughters and a son.

Len Skapp? Surely you didn’t believe that oddball name, did you?

I didn’t write it into the book like that. That’s a serious adult piece inside there. Len Skapp is just a spontaneous name l came up with for this post for fun.

Naughty me.

Please enjoy what was put into my slightly deranged, neo-noir styled novels now. 😉


A Sailing Affair
Two Random Victims
Childless Couple
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: eBook

“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language, and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

A Blog For Those Who Are Attracted To The Night

Do you have a yearning for the stars? Is howling at the moon your kind of thing?

Of course, it is, and you do. That’s why you visited. There’s that certain something that draws you to the night, and it goes deep to the core of us. Words don’t describe it. The sensation is visceral. Perhaps it’s part of a deep, primal desire we’re yet to understand.

Nyctophilia: My love of the dark

This attraction is called nyctophilia. Don’t worry, it’s not a disease. Humans have many inexplicable foibles like this built into their DNA. It’s who we are. Some say it’s the psyche’s wish to return our souls to the holiest elements of our origins — to a time long before the Internet, religion, even civility itself. We ache to connect with our ancient ancestor who once lived by the only laws we’ve truly known, those of Earth, wind and fire. There is a special type of serial killer too.

Serial killers?

I thought we were talking about nature and visceral connections to it.

We were. It’s a twist in this blog’s post.

I brought you here to take you elsewhere. Nyctophilia is a lovely, sweet story, but what makes us think we can walk into the night without a care in the world? It’s illogical. We can’t see into the dark. Our eyes aren’t made for it. Fear should prevail. It’s normal to fear the kinds of things that might lurk inside that wild abyss. It’s not safe. The danger is real. Why go against logic and step into it? There’s a simple answer.


We place trust in it. But trust takes time to manufacture. It doesn’t happen automatically or without a reason. Fools.

That’s why my victims are nyctophiles. They wander out of the illuminated areas of the city because they’ve never had a problem with the night before — placing their trust in an environment that never showed its teeth. They also place their trust in people like me.

They should. I always work hard to gain it. To be honest, if history has proved anything, my character is dependable to a fault. Sometimes it’s tiresome to be this way. Occasionally, I need to take a vacation from myself and go out into the night, too. I do it because I also have a primal need of my own. Mine is driven to take us into the night to reinstall fear in those who trust me without question.

There are plenty of foolish nyctophiles from which to choose. One of them won’t make it through the night tonight. Tomorrow, other nyctophiles will begin question their trust. A few of them will stop being nyctophiles altogether. Fortunately, not every nyctophile will be frightened away. Some will remain fixated on the night, because that’s who they are.

I’m glad for their unwavering fixation. I have a fixation that feeds on theirs — and I need each of them to believe I’m totally trustworthy when they finally get to meet me… somewhere inside the night.

Creep you later!

Michael (Author of SEETHINGS)

Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, Kindle Unlimited, Etc.

Brisbane: Photographer Hanged By Camera Strap

She died. I can’t believe what I’ve just heard. I just got off the phone with Sarah. Maxine and I were talking just yesterday. She never said she was going out with her camera. She was supposed to be at home all night.

It’s typical though. That explains why she was so nice to me. She pumped me for information on how take lightning photos and listened to everything I said — so uncharacteristic for her.

That bloated, ungrateful and frequently belligerent bitch defied me and did something foolish. She’s always doing idiotic things. And now its effects are fatal. She’s accidentally hanged herself on her camera strap right beside the Story Bridge. What a stupid thing to do! Oh, Maxine!

I shouldn’t speak like that, after all, Maxine died in tragic circumstances. She’s worth more than that. Everyone is. When someone leaves this world, even enemies deserve respect. Okay, she wasn’t actually an enemy, just an acquaintance — more like a pain in-my-ass who happens to be in the same line of work as me. She often turned up at social events to get drunk and harass me.

She heard that my spare time was taken up trying to get the best lightning photo of all. I suppose she thought she could out do me. Why? Weddings are her speciality, not storms. She did another irresponsible thing, and it didn’t work out this time. She died due to her boneheaded stupidity!

with lightning

Sure, she was due some karma, but not something as dire as that! No one should go this way — and to do it so public, too.

Yes, I think you’re a classless human being, Maxine, but you’re not a complete imbecile. Why would you scramble across the top of a cliff in the pouring rain, for God’s sake? You must’ve tried to get a better angle of that iconic bridge. What was the point? There was another way to get it without the danger.

But there’s no telling Fat Maxine what to do. When she gets an idea in her head, she won’t let it go. If wine’s involved, she’ll defy everyone to make a point. But how did she get past that fence? She’s too obese and unhealthy to climb it. Even top class athletes would find it difficult to climb on a dry day. I don’t get it.

Police said that she was on the other side of it and then slipped on the mud. She fell a little way down the cliff-face when an exposed tree root caught hold of her camera strap. She was barely a few feet down and then dangled there until she passed. Some guy on the bridge saw her body when he was out for his morning jog. It was a shocking discovery.

What I don’t get is how the camera strap came to be around her neck in the first place. If she were using her tripod, she wouldn’t have had it around her neck at all.

Farewell Maxine. I know it’ll be a much quieter world without you and your drunken rants.

Pure Evil and Kindness


(Read now: SEETHINGS.)

Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, Kindle Unlimited, Etc.

The ABC’s of Taking Lightning Photos. Tips by A Professional Photographer

Want to know how to photograph lightning and digest some unique stories about storms?

It’s easy. Let’s start with the lightning part first. My new novel can wait.

Photographing lightning isn’t all that difficult. With minimal effort (and some creative experimentation and basic equipment), you too can be shooting shots like these within seconds!


A tripod. You’ll need one.

The camera needs to be dead-still when taking these super-fast flashes of light. A steady hand isn’t enough to do the job.

If you’ve always thought it was about quickly snapping off a shot just as the flash bursts through the clouds, you’re wrong. You’re too slow. The lightning comes and goes before the muscles in your finger react to your brain’s impulse to press a button. The shutter never has a chance to capture what you saw.

Professionals and amateurs alike use tripods and have their camera set-up to take a photo BEFORE the lightning occurs, not AS is occurs.


What, like they use action mode, motor-drive, fast-action or multi-frame shoot modes?


They take a single shot at a time. Just one. Only one.

They wait for the lightning to come to them by preparing their camera on a tripod – to take a single shot before each strike.

The shutter is open for many seconds (sometimes minutes) before lightning arrives. After it has presented itself and the photographer was sure it was in-frame, that’s when they’ll close the shutter and stop the picture process. That’s how these photos are taken.

They ready the camera to take the next shot in the very same way. One photo at a time before the lightning strikes, closing the shutter after the strike is over.

Yes, it’s a different way to shoot but in no way an unusual one. We’re so used to using our hand-held cameras and phones during the daytime that we’ve forgotten that there’s other ways to take photos. Photographing before-a-scene is not weird, nor is using a tripod to help make it happen. That’s what they’re for.

We’ve seen tripods before. Most of us easily associate them to photography… but not when or why they are used.

They’re an essential tool for whenever the shutter’s action is slower than a human’s ability to stop camera-shake. Nobody wants to take fuzzy photos, right?

It just so happens that lightning photography uses very, very, very slow shutter speeds.

Slower shutter-speeds give lightning photographers the ability to capture what hasn’t yet happened. They don’t know exactly where or when lightning will strike but they’ve increased their opportunity to record one by doing it this way. By pointing and focusing their cameras at the active area of an approaching storm, they can count on something happening at some point. It’s just a matter of widening the time it takes to make the photo (widening the lens also helps) and letting opportunity take it’s place during the sequence.

Slower shutter speeds? How long are we talking?

In suburbia, where the streets and homes spill light into the lower-level cloud, not long. Two minutes is more than enough to accumulate all that soft, almost insignificant light. Anything more than this and the risk of over-exposure is great.

But if you’re out camping in the woods and miles from civilization, get ready to go for anything up to half an hour.

It’s even possible that several strikes will appear at different times during these longer sequences. When this happens they’ll accumulate. To anyone who views the finished photo they look as though they’ve all struck at once!

Impressive, eh?

I see you’re salivating now. Nice.

My character quivers at lightning too. He quite literally goes bonkers chasing that perfect lightning photo. It’s an obsession. He drools whenever he hears the rumble of thunder. Then again, he should, he’s a psychopath who’s alter ego is triggered by lightning.

Umm, I digress… you’ll probably want to know more specifics on how to shoot lightning.

For the more technically minded:

Most modern SLR cameras have shutter settings that allow many seconds of exposure time to be selected. Some go into minutes. One setting that suffices for all long exposures is Bulb or Bu. Sometimes it’s simply known as B. This is the magical grand daddy of long exposure photography. When this setting is used, it requires your finger’s pressure to tell the camera when to start the shutter’s cycle and when to end it. Nice eh?

But not all photographers want to keep their finger pressed on a button for many minutes at a time, they’ll use a remote lead instead. Remotes often have a lock-down device that keeps the shutter open until it’s unlocked. Remotes are the secret tool to photographing lightning well.

A basic run-down list of what to have / do when photographing lightning.

  1. (DSLR) or SLR Camera – Manual shutter, aperture and focus controls.
  1. Tripod – Sturdy, low windage.
  1. Remote Lead – Wireless or wired is okay. With a lock is super!
  1. Low Light – Night or near night.
  1. City Light -Minimal
  1. Timer – Watch or stopwatch.

(D) SLR Camera is self-explanatory. If you can’t take control of your shutter timings then there’s no point into reading this article any further. Point and shoot cameras, phones, iPads and the like, don’t allow users access to the shutter or aperture controls.

On that point though, when it comes to choosing apertures, try f8.0 (100 ISO) as a starting point. Higher numbers will show more detail in a lightning bolt. Lower numbers will brighten and ‘thicken’ it.

As for shutter speeds, start with thirty seconds and then increase the times. If the picture becomes pale, you’ve gone too long for the amount of light that’s in the sky. Shorten the shutter time or wait ’til the sky gets darker. Perhaps finding a darker location from which to shoot will fix this problem.


By switching auto-focus off and leaving the lens set to infinity, it stops the lens trying to search for something that’s not really there and stopping the photo from being taken. Lightning will come when it’s good and ready anyway. Focus on infinity because lightning will be closer to infinity than anywhere else in the scene!

Tripod and Remote Leads work in unison when photographing lightning. Wireless remotes are better because they have less windage. Storm fronts tend to generate wind gusts and they can blow a wired remote lead causing tiny shakes in the camera.

Low light times are when the Pros are photographing lightning the most. This is not just because a lightning bolt stands out against a dark background, it’s also because it allows longer exposures. The longer the shutter times are, the better the opportunities to get good bolt/s of lightning in their pictures.

A Timer helps keep track of the time of each photo’s exposure when photographing lightning. I don’t use a stopwatch. I wear a mechanical watch instead. It’s second hand ticks loudly enough for me to count off the seconds. I don’t need a torch to carry around or with me or to unnecessarily ruin my night vision.

-Michael Forman (Photographer/Author)

SEETHINGS: A dark adult story about a lightning photographer who witnesses more than lightning in the wooded areas around the city!

If you like lightning or taking pictures of lightning, you’ll love the story in SEETHINGS.

“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language, and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.
My podcast series.

Character Spotlight: Mitchell Felding (photographer)

Mitchell Felding.

  • Thirty something
  • Married to Samantha Felding (10 years.)
  • Professional Photographer
  • Self Employed
  • Good Sense Of Humour
  • Practical

Dependable Mitchell comes with bucket loads of amiability. A joke accompanies most conversations. His warm smiles are enough to melt anyone’s ice. There’s a wonderful sense of calm surrounding our reliable, likable protagonist.

His personable character is a welcome change, especially when placed against that of his wife’s, Sam, who spends her time checking her watch, her calendars, and organizing things. She’s extremely officiant and highly strung. This kind of character synergy should be ideal for this relationship dynamic, but the blend isn’t working. Equitable work/life balances in the Felding home aren’t easy to come by. Mitchell is dedicated to his wife and supports her unusual sensitivities, but it’s never enough. There is always another obstruction blocking the path to their happiness. We look towards the past for answers. History offers us a clue to the source of their ongoing struggles.

broken rings

A long-term celibate relationship blossomed into a sexless marriage. The heartfelt abstinence they shared together was meant to be a gift for each other on their wedding night — a promise of devotion that’d secure their love, forever. Unfortunately, it’d worked against them. Sex was misunderstood, fearful, and it never became a form of intimacy for the couple. They had become experienced non-players. Sex was then turned into a weapon of a different kind.

Counsellor Tony Brindell is helping the couple work on their marriage. He’s believes that the issues plaguing their lives are minor. He isn’t aware of the whole, darker truth. Despite Mitchell’s redeeming qualities, they are of no use to him or Tony. His journey into self discovery requires a kind of objectivity that neither Sam nor Tony can provide.

He must learn to let go of his pent-up emotions if he’s to solve five murders. He’s sure he knows the victims.

Happy ever after is calling inside the pages of SEETHINGS.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
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