Hacking computer mikes

“I Hack Electronic Devices To Get Access To Their Cameras and Microphones,” Says Tech-Geek.

Device hacker Mitchell says he can hear and see us through our own e-devices. He claims to have been doing it for years and has listened to more things than people realise. He’s also been teaching others how to do it — to break into tablets, phones and laptops to receive real-time audio and visual feeds from the private lives of victims who are unaware that their privacy has been breached.

Device Hacking via 'Jinking'

Kurdaitcha (alias), an Australian self-proclaimed tech-hacker says that phones, laptops and tablets (which are constantly connected to the internet) are vulnerable to a new type of online voyeurism. He says that device hacking is fast becoming a popular form of entertainment for a different kind of covert, dark-web hacking, known as Jinkering. Jinkers are able to access any electronic device remotely — turn on in-built cameras and microphones without the victim knowing about it. He says it’s better than watching reality television.

“The stuff I listen to [and see] is totally unscripted and the devices go wherever people go. I can hear whatever is being said near them. They are perfect bugging microphones because users keep them with them at all times.”

Jinker Kurdaitcha isn’t new to electronic eavesdropping. In the nineties, he says he owned a scanner that could be tuned to cellphone signals. He heard breakups over the phone, hookups, phone sex and employees being sacked. The content was raw and saucy. Kurdaitcha then moved to the internet and jinked online devices.


“In the early days [of the internet I’d have to wait for someone to dial up and log in but not now. That’s all changed. They’re logged-in all the time. I jink an IP address and then I have a permanent feed from it every day. It’s perfect.”

Think of Jinkering as device piggy-backing. A Jinker hacks a device’s vulnerable port and then accesses its audio and visual components via its software. Everything a victim’s device hears and sees is transmitted directly to a Jinker’s computer.

“Most of us [Jinkers] like to watch [victims] but that isn’t my thing. It’s resource heavy and there’s a chance of being discovered because of this. I just enjoy a good audio stream. If I hear something juicy, I might turn on the camera to have a quick look, but not always. I listen to audio feeds just the same as you might listen to music.”

When asked why Jinker footage or audio hasn’t appeared on the internet, Kurdaitcha says that it all comes down to the code of conduct all dark-webbers live by. “You won’t see it because jinkering is seriously secretive. Jinkers won’t share content to the white or grey-web, not ever.”

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