Great Heroes Require High-Quality Villains. They’re Compulsory, So the Hero Can Rise and Win Big.

Fiction does heroes a great big favour. Without a certain kind of evil present in a story, heroes can’t develop into what they are meant to become. Thank God for the darker elements of humanity and the baddest of bad boys (or girls) to show our heroes (and readers) the way into the light.

What about the reverse storyline, y’know, the one where a brilliant hero loses to a fantastic villain, with evil winning the day and leading readers to the dark side?

Too hard to envision?


I could talk about happy-ever-afters and how our brains are wired to find the good in humanity. I’d include something about existentialism’s desire to fix problems whenever it encounters a breakage, but that’s not my job. Writing is my thing. My work is to tease out intriguing plots from ideas and turn long strings of words into entertainment. Dark fiction is my life. I live and breathe it. My quest is to create a villain who can be loved and hated with equal measure, with the reader accepting evil winning the day.

Are we talking of monsters, witches and the supernatural?


The real monster we must fear most is the one inside us. It dwells beneath an old part of our subconsciousness, and it just happens to be the most dangerous of all. When the conditions are right, this creature is capable of broaching the upper consciousness, reaching the surface and making it into this world. If you believe that this is possible, then you too can accept the kind of evil I write.

SEETHINGS include storms. Some are weather events, while others are psychological. When they meet, a murder takes place. Police recognise the timing, but there are so few clues. It’s a mystery, but the greater mystery is why. The answer is deeply unsettling. It’s a crime that could’ve been committed by anyone. Even you.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, Kindle, iPad, Android.

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