Former Teacher Walks A Dangerous Path While Concealing A Dark Secret

As police search his residence for evidence, counselor and popular radio identity, Tony Brindell, continues to deny that he ever had a relationship or acted inappropriately with one of his students when he was her high school teacher thirteen years ago.

‘I’m not a pedophile. I’m Christian’ He told the waiting media.

Tracey Logan, now twenty-seven, has previously claimed that Brindell seduced her when she was just fourteen. A second woman has also come forward, revealing intimate details of a long term affair she says she had with Brindell when she was only thirteen.

Brindell and his lover, Logan

The women’s claims have become the focus of a historical probe into Brindell’s personal and professional life. Brindell, a well-respected Pastor, youth worker, counselor, and media celebrity, has not yet been charged, but investigations are ongoing.

Originally, Tony Brindell wasn’t written into SEETHINGS to be a pedophile. He was meant to be a kind, Christian man who simply helped people who were in trouble. As I wrote more of him into the story, I had to follow his life path back to when he wasn’t a Pastor, but a teacher. That’s when I discovered that there was a monster inside him.

Did I mention that my writing is dark?

(More of Tony’s character is found here.)

-Michael (Author of SEETHINGS)

“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language, and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

Maxine Sewell Is A Brutal And Crass Woman. Here’s How I Dealt With A Female Narcissist.

Ugly. Inside and out. A nutshell. That’s Maxine. The pleasure I got from making such a repulsive character for my book was absolutely exquisite. It was a new and wonderful experience. I’d definitely do it again!

When it comes to writing novels, male characters fit ‘ugly’ much easier. And, as long as there’s a redeeming counter-force, readers don’t usually give Mr Ugly a second thought about his ‘ugliness’. He was made that way and it’s okay. Giving ‘ugly’ traits to a female character in modern fiction is risky. Many of us want to protect femininity at all costs. Putting a flawed female upfront defies logic. Women should be empowered. They are to be seen as an uplifting force in a world long fractured by outdated patriarchy. Vulgar female behavior doesn’t exist today and, if it does, it doesn’t need discussing.

Wrong. It does.

I’ve met vile females. They do exist. Regardless of what society thinks about the matter of bringing the bitch to the page, she is a very real person. She’s a shitty individual. The she-narcissist lives amongst us — and she’s definitely worth mentioning. I wrote Maxine until I birthed her into life, and then I wrote until she was dead and buried. As a nod to feminism, I conceded to one thing when writing about this obnoxious super bitch: Her name. When it’s shortened, a man appears in its place.

I don’t apologise for creating this royal pain in-the-ass. I’m just glad to have had so much fun making and breaking her, using her demise to take charge of a much larger story. Her corpse was used to lay an original path for readers to walk. Now tread slowly and read where it goes and why I set up Maxine up to fail.

-Michael Forman (Author – Dark, Adult Fiction)

Hacking Devices To Access Their Cameras and Microphones: ‘Jinker’ Speaks Out.

Jinker says he can hear and see us through our e-devices. He claims to have been doing it for years, while teaching others how to break into our tablets, phones and laptops, to capture real-time audio and visual feeds from our private lives.

Device Hacking via 'Jinking'

Kurdaitcha (alias), an Australian self-proclaimed online stalker and tech-hacker, says that phones, laptops and tablets which are constantly connected to the internet, are vulnerable to a growing and new type of online voyeurism.

Device hacking is fast becoming a popular form of covert entertainment for a different kind of dark-web hacking, known as Jinkering. Jinkers are able to access any electronic device remotely, turn on in-built cameras and microphones without the victim being aware of it.

And he says it’s better than watching reality television.

“The stuff I listen to and see is totally unscripted. The devices go wherever people go. They hear whatever is said in their presence. They are the perfect bugging-device.”

Jinker Kurdaitcha isn’t new to electronic eavesdropping. In the nineties, he says he owned a scanner and would listen to breakups, hookups, phone-sex and employees being sacked. The content was raw and sometimes saucy. Kurdaitcha then moved to the internet and jinked devices that were connected to it.

“In the early days [of the internet] I’d have to wait for someone to dial-up [and log-in] but that’s all changed now. They’re logged-in all the time. I jink an IP address today, and then I have a permanent feed for every day after that.”

Think of Jinkering as device piggy-backing. A Jinker hacks a device’s vulnerable port and then accesses its audio and visual systems. Everything a victim’s device hears and sees is transmitted directly to a Jinker’s computer.

“Most of us [Jinkers] like to watch [victims] but that it isn’t my thing. It’s resource heavy and there’s a chance of being discovered. I’m old school and just enjoy the audio feed. If I hear something juicy, I’ll turn on the camera to have a quick look.”

When asked why Jinker footage or audio hasn’t appeared on the internet, Kurdaitcha says that it all comes down to the code of conduct all dark-webbers live by.

“You won’t see Jinker stuff. Jinkering is seriously secretive. Jinkers won’t share content to the white or grey-web, not ever.”

Interested? More of this is in my novel SEETHINGS 2. – Michael Forman (Author)

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