Solving Crimes of Murder with DNA

Today’s forensic medicine makes solving crimes look easy. According to movies, television shows, and many books, all you need is to take a swab of some icky stuff, do something science-y with it, and a mystery gets solved. There are flaws in simplifying DNA science through speedy storytelling. Sure, a narrative moves much faster but …

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Character Spotlight: Mitchell Felding (photographer)

Dependable Mitchell comes with bucketloads of amiability. A joke accompanies most conversations. His warm smile melts anyone’s ice. There’s a wonderful sense of calm surrounding our reliable, likable protagonist. Mitchell Felding. His light-hearted character is welcoming, especially when it’s placed against that of his wife, Sam, who spends her time worrying while checking her watch …

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Self Reflection In The Glass Of A Viewfinder

Artists can learn a little more about themselves if they take the time to look in from the other side of their art. Photographer Mitchell is about to find this out as he realises what’s been happening to him the moment just before he presses the shutter button on his camera. SEETHINGS and SEETHINGS 2 are the first …

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Character Spotlight: Maxine Sewell.

This character was one of the last to be included in this psycho-thriller-styled novel. She was designed to be boisterous when sober but, when drunk, is obnoxious enough to unsettle guests at a dinner, if not them, readers of SEETHINGS. Maxine heads a group of small business owners who specialise in photographing weddings. Most of …

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