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Let’s spend a moment describing the story: A photographer who wants to capture the greatest night-lightning photo of all encounters something strange in a forest. He sees a peculiar shape amongst the trees, between the brief flashes of light. There was a shirtless man standing, and a second person on the ground. No! It wasn’t an attack. It was sex. An adventurous couple had taken their kink outdoors, and he’d caught a glimpse of them going at it.

That was pleasure he saw on their faces, not pain. Some folks do peculiar things to keep their spark alive — but they weren’t there when the next bolt of lightning lit up the understory. Perhaps they’d seen him first and left in a hurry. Maybe they were never there to begin with. After all, the shadows were long and the lightning brief. Shrubs can look like almost anything if the light is just right.

Last Summer, a vile creature hunted innocent women on the nights of great thunderstorms. There was no blood, no evidence, but one person may have seen it all — or not.

Hi. I’m Michael Forman, author of SEETHINGS. As I prepare the third (SEETHINGS 3) instalment in the series, I’d like to offer new readers the opportunity to read the first, the start of this dark and violent story for free. It’s available as an e-book from the Smashwords site (every format provided). You are only seconds away from reading SEETHINGS in all its diabolical glory!

Michael Forman

Michael Forman (Author)

Amazon Review by ‘Cat Lady, Nebraska’: While this book starts out slow, with a boorish, unlikable character the focus of the first chapter, and a couple of chapters following which did not seem to flow, leaving me confused, I persevered reading. I’m very glad that I did! After the first few chapters, it became a book I could not put down.

This became one of sexual intrigue flowing from an unhappy, sexless marriage, where the partners are in counselling with a Christian counsellor. The protagonist very soon is involved in a steamy affair, and readers are given all the most intimate details of their romps. The protagonist’s other interests – especially photography, work as a wedding photographer and thunderstorms are also vividly described, as those interests allow the protagonist to meet his lover.

There soon is a dark side to this story. The protagonist terrorizes their marriage counsellor, whose years of therapy have not been helpful in solving his problems – at all. In several of the chapters, we read of horrible murders, with their victims found after heavy thunderstorms. There are suppositions by the police of whether there is one murderer or several. In one of these terrible storms, the protagonist and his wife are visiting a couple of their friends, and a description of their homecoming down around them. The protagonist gets everyone to safety – although he does not remember his heroic rescue – but merely the menacing presence in the home during the disaster.

Even with a great deal of foreshadowing, I did not see a surprise twist in the ending before I got there.

The book explores the despair of life in a sexless marriage, complete with a spouse insinuating to friends they are “trying” to make a baby, to the crazy-making aspects of the matter. It brings up feminism in an uninviting manner, and there are misogynous tones to this novel. From how the story unfolds, it is apparent how the protagonist got that way.

This was a very good book. I would certainly not recommend it to anyone under 18 because of its adult language, themes, and scenes.

Cat Lady – Amazon

Review by Mike M. Roleystone: Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy – for the faint-hearted, leave it alone!

Mike M. Roleystone.

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