Unbelievable Karma Story. I Was There To Witness This!

Karma! Where man’s Law fails, karma will succeed! If you’re a believer in karma, you know not to mess with it. If you do wrong by others, karma’s bite will eventually come around and sort you out.

Karma rights wrongs. Karma is life’s natural balancing system. It’s perfect — judging, sentencing and punishing by the great cosmos. There’s no escaping karma.

Karma swift kick

I’m a believer and like karma’s giant judgemental foot. I’ve seen good examples of it kicking some well-deserved asses in my time. When writing SEETHINGS, I included the biggest one I’ve ever witnessed. You’ll probably disbelieve it when you read it, but here’s an abridged version of the event as it happened:

A young woman I dated in my teens had recently become separated from her common-law husband. She was sad and alone. Now in her thirties, she contacted me for friendship and solace.

She (and their child) moved and set up a new life closer to her parents. She despised him for running off with the nanny.

“What a prick!” She said, scathingly, while invoking the power of karma to send the man justice for what he had done to her (and their baby daughter).

“Karma will get him.”

I heard the story about that bastard‘s cheating, the lies he told her, and the violent confrontation that required police intervention to end a fight that spilled onto their driveway. She told me that she was, “…afraid for her life because of that bastard’s violent personality.”

I felt sorry for my former girlfriend. Life hadn’t gone well for her in the years that’d passed since we dated.

But when she told her tragic story a second time, not everything lined up with the first version of it. Holes began to open. For instance, the police weren’t told of his brutality on the day of the confrontation. She only raised it months later, during the custody hearing. She told the courts he had hit her and was about to hit her again when police intervened and saved the day.

“The truth is easy. Lies are harder to sustain.”

The more she repeated her story, the more she got its details wrong. The violence switched. She told me she had hit him but then failed to mention the blows he inflicted on her. Within an hour of circular conversation, her fears disappeared. Hostility replaced it. She was baring her teeth between phrases. Something wasn’t right.

To get a better understanding of what’d really happened that day, one had to spend time with her. Pillow talk revealed the truth. What I heard went into my book. (Names were changed)

That bastard never attacked her at all. She was the aggressor. It was her fists doing the swinging, not his.

Through a grin, she admitted to me that she threw dishes at him. When he tried to leave the room, her fury grew. She followed him and punched him in the face. She claimed he tried to run her over with his car, but he didn’t do that either. She followed him and then reached into his car so she could thump his head some more. She wouldn’t step back from the car when he moved it. Her statement to the police neglected to include these important facts. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The about-face was bizarre beyond the extreme.

The woman had lied about the violence and who was the aggressor to get custody of their child and financial support from that bastard. She managed a boastful laugh when she revealed how successful she was at convincing everyone to support her story and reject his. She felt she was the winner and he’d lost to her big time.

“He deserved it,” she said.

I wondered if that was true. He was a cheater, for sure, but was he deserving of being labelled a violent person? Did it warrant losing his child too?

I felt sorry for a total stranger, and the daughter who was caught in the middle of a parental dispute, used as an emotional and financial lever. The little girl never got to see her father after that day. To her, he’d become a monster — based on a threat that never had any substance. By her mother’s own words, she was the aggressor. The father did nothing that suggested he was aggressive or violent towards the mother, much less the child.

Karma was about to play its part through me. (Read the next part very slowly!)

She drew back the large living room curtains and light poured into the space. I was impressed by what I saw beyond the glass.

“I built the home this way for that view. Do you know the name of the mountain?” She asked, pointing to a shape in the distance.

“Sure, it’s Mount Lindesay.”

I heard her gasp and then the curtains were snapped shut. The room went dark again.

That’s all I said. Those four words changed everything. Karma had arrived via my mouth.

“My ex’s name is Lindesay!”

I had no idea that the mountain had the same name as her former partner. To me, he was only prick and bastard. What were the chances of Lindesay happening twice at the same time and place? It’s not a common name where I’m from!


If only she’d researched the mountain before purchasing the land and instructing an architect to point her home’s giant windows right at it!

The curtains stayed closed and she went silent. Her grin disappeared as I struggled to stop one developing on my own face. I knew much about a bitch who manipulated stories to suit herself. And then I saw her be crushed by a force she wholeheartedly supported — and there was nothing she could do about it.

I didn’t mind watching her deal with karma’s judgement. I loved being its deliverer (I had issues with her too — lingering from our teenage years). I only wished that Lindesay was there to see and hear it happening too.

I felt karma kicked a deserved arse that day.

As far as I know, it’s still kicking it because she can’t move from where she lives. Her finances are tied up in the property. Moving would also complicate things with the daughter’s routines and school. She’s stuck in a home that has a Lindesay feature window — a constant reminder of that bastard and the monster she made him out to be. As I said, all of this went into the novel — but some readers have said it couldn’t be true. It’s too ridiculous to be real.

That may be so, but it happened just as I said it did (and there’s more to it). Read the book and decide for yourself.

Those who believe in karma won’t disagree with me. It was an outcome that was always meant to be.

Michael Forman (Author)

P.S. Lindesay, if you’re out there reading this, ‘N‘ got something of what she deserved. (Unfortunately, your daughter ‘J’ got caught up in ‘N’s’ lies. You are not the monster she said you are.)

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