Unbelievable Real Life Story Of Karma. It’s True. I Was There!

Karma! Justice’s bite! If Law fails, nature will succeed! That’s the way it works. Don’t you mess with karma baby! You will get yours!

Karma rights wrongs, our wrongs, their wrongs, those who have wronged us or others. Karma is meant to be a happy story. It’s the perfect ending to all tales of injustice — judged, sentenced and punished by the cosmos.

Karma swift kick

I’m a big believer in it, and I do f*cking like the giant foot karma swings at the asses of jerks. I’ve seen some good examples of it doing what it does. When writing SEETHINGS, I included the biggest one of all: A real-life karma moment, one I witnessed first-hand. You’ll probably disbelieve it, but here I go.

A woman I once dated had recently become separated from her common-law husband. She despised him for running off with their nanny.

What a prick! She invoked the power of karma to fix the error and send the man to oblivion for what he did.

I heard the story about his philandering, the lies he told her, their loud confrontation, a public argument and the police involvement to stop him from attacking her in the street. She was afraid for her life. But when she told it a second time, not everything lined up as it should’ve. The fear faded away.

The truth is easy. Lies are harder to remember.

The more times she told the story, the more she got its details wrong. As our relationship grew, its edges softened too. To get an understanding of what’d really happened in their relationship and after it, one had to spend a lot of time with her. Pillow talk revealed much. This went into the book. (Names were changed)

He never attacked her at all. Through a grin, she admitted she had attacked him. When he tried to leave her, she punched him through his car’s open window. She claimed he tried to run her down and kill her, but he didn’t. He was just trying to remove himself from the conflict — her abusive mouth and fists. Their child saw the last part of their fight, and the child’s recollection was used to support her mother’s part of the story.

The woman had lied to the police about the violence and then lied to the court system to get custody of their child. The lies continued as she stripped his bank account of its money. That was her perfect karma story for him sleeping around on her. She managed a good laugh at its conclusion.

Sleaze or not, he never attacked anyone. I felt sorry for the guy, and the daughter caught in the middle. The girl never saw her father again, and it all hinged on a threat that wasn’t real. Karma was about to play its part through me. (Read the next part very slowly!)

She drew back the living room curtains and light poured into the space.

“I built this home to have that view. Do you know the name of that mountain?” She asked, pointing to a scene well in the distance.

“Sure, it’s Mount Lindesay.”

I heard a loud gasp and then the curtains were snapped shut. The room went dark again.

That’s all I did, but it was karma doing its job, spewing from my mouth and into her ears. I had no idea that the mountain had the same name as her former partner. I didn’t know him at all! She never mentioned it until later. How could I know his name was Lindesay! What are the chances of that happening? It’s not even a common name!


If only she’d researched the mountain before purchasing the land and instructing an architect to point her home’s windows right at it!

That grin vanished immediately, and the curtains remained closed from that day forward. I didn’t mind watching her deal with the news, not at all. I loved being its deliverer.

Karma kicked a deserved arse that day.

As far as I know, it’s still kicking it because she can’t move from her house. Her finances are tied to it, and moving to another one complicates things with the daughter’s new routines and school. Like I said, all of this went into the novel — but some readers have said it couldn’t be true because it’s too far-fetched. The coincidence is too ridiculous to be real.

That may be so, but it happened anyway. Read the book and decide for yourself.

Those who believe in karma won’t disagree, as this was always meant to be.

Michael Forman (Author)

P.S. Lindesay, if you’re out there and reading this, ‘N‘ got what she deserved. (Unfortunately, your daughter ‘J’ got caught up in the mess too.)

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