Finding The Perfect Happy Ever After Story In A Dark Fiction Narrative

There are millions of authors on social media who write HEA’s for HEA fans. It takes but a second to find one. Twitter is laden with millions of writers who specialise in creating shiny, happy stories. Cliché heaven is but a click away.

HEA comforts readers. Without needing to worry about too much, fans know that by the close of the book, any crazy world made inside it will end in a happy place. It makes fans feel safe, like pulling up a cosy blanket on a cold Winter’s night.

It got me to thinking, I write HEA’s. My evil narratives end in happy places too!

Stop laughing.

It’s a fact. Every dark story I’ve ever written comes with a profound, life-affirming resolution at its conclusion. My character’s relationships flounder like any HEA story. They doubt themselves. They love, hate, inspire-to-do-better, fail and succeed, just like any HEA character would do. There are winners and losers. Yes, I know, I offer readers a scratchy kind of blanket, but who said blankets have to be soft?

evil eye

For instance, a criminal’s happy ever after would be an interesting and new perspective to consider if it came to writing their version of a HEA. Taking their viewpoint that included their goals, their hurdles, ups-and-downs, and all the foibles that come with living their kind of life — would be challenging for both writer and reader alike.

For instance, not going to jail would be one of the criminal’s simplest HEA’s, right?

And this type of HEA would be a hard-sell to those who firmly believe bad people should be punished. Jail or death are the only satisfactory outcomes for those who commit heinous acts on others.

Remember TV’s Dexter?

Now there’s a likeable serial killer who managed to get viewers on-side. The show was one part slice-‘n-dice, three parts Equaliser. Dexter killed people for pleasure, but his victims were evil criminals. Paedophiles, murderers, etc. After completing substantial research on his targets, and proving their unequivocal guilt, he sent them packing in the bloodiest of ways. It’s HEA, but it enters via a clever backdoor.

See? It can be done.

This writer’s greatest challenge is to create new narratives like this one using the HEA as a muse — and develop them from evil’s perspective. I invite readers to experience them, so they too can become dark HEA believers by The End — the perfect HEA for my kind of adult fiction.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
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