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Change and adapt. That’s what they say today’s authors need to do to succeed. The contemporary business world is fluidic and the literary model is always reshaping itself to match a changing (sounding old, don’t I?) audience. But writing is a traditionally stuffy profession, right? Authors prefer to get lost in their stories than speak to strangers. Stepping up to a microphone to talk about what they write isn’t every author’s cup of tea. Well, let’s boil the kettle and get ready to take a sip.

Excerpts of my quality fiction (and thoughts) have been recorded by myself (Michael Forman) for your listening enjoyment. Plug in your earphones, click play and enjoy. I talk about love, marriage, sex, and the stories I write weaving these topics together to create my psycho-thrillers. The episode list is growing each week.



Not all of it is serious. Some of it is light-hearted. It all depends on the topics I cover during the podcast (and the anecdotes I come up with when recording them). Personal writing experiences are included, as well as tips I’ve used to keep the stories fresh and strong. So, please join me on The Dirty Rabbit Hole Podcast with your favourite podcast app now. (RSS version here.)

-Michael Forman (Author.)

P.S. Play a podcast episode via the Spotify embed below.

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