Hacking Devices To Access Their Cameras and Microphones: ‘Jinker’ Speaks Out.

Hacking computer mikes

Jinker says he can hear and see us through our e-devices. He claims to have been doing it for years, while teaching others how to break into our tablets, phones and laptops, to capture real-time audio and visual feeds from our private lives.

Kurdaitcha (alias), an Australian self-proclaimed online stalker and tech-hacker, says that phones, laptops and tablets which are constantly connected to the internet, are vulnerable to a growing and new type of online voyeurism.

Device hacking is fast becoming a popular form of covert entertainment for a different kind of dark-web hacking, known as Jinkering. Jinkers are able to access any electronic device remotely, turn on in-built cameras and microphones without the victim being aware of it.

And he says it’s better than watching reality television.

“The stuff I listen to and see is totally unscripted. The devices go wherever people go. They hear whatever is said in their presence. They are the perfect bugging-device.”

Jinker Kurdaitcha isn’t new to electronic eavesdropping. In the nineties, he says he owned a scanner and would listen to breakups, hookups, phone-sex and employees being sacked. The content was raw and sometimes saucy. Kurdaitcha then moved to the internet and jinked devices that were connected to it.

“In the early days [of the internet I’d have to wait for someone to dial-up [and log-in] but that’s all changed now. They’re logged-in all the time. I jink an IP address today, and then I have a permanent feed for every day after that.”

Think of Jinkering as device piggy-backing. A Jinker hacks a device’s vulnerable port and then accesses its audio and visual systems. Everything a victim’s device hears and sees is transmitted directly to a Jinker’s computer.

“Most of us [Jinkers] like to watch [victims] but that it isn’t my thing. It’s resource heavy and there’s a chance of being discovered. I’m old school and just enjoy the audio feed. If I hear something juicy, I’ll turn on the camera to have a quick look.”

When asked why Jinker footage or audio hasn’t appeared on the internet, Kurdaitcha says that it all comes down to the code of conduct all dark-webbers live by.

“You won’t see Jinker stuff. Jinkering is seriously secretive. Jinkers won’t share content to the white or grey-web, not ever.”

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