Month: February 2022

How To Survive A Thunderstorm

Surviving An Unprecedented Storm

The scenario: You’re caught in a torrential downpour. Lightning blinds you and thunder thumps throughout your body. Wind uproots a nearby tree. The building you’re in is being torn apart. Water levels rise around your neck and you don’t know when it’ll stop. Time is running out. There appears to be no escape from the …

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misery literature

I Love Misery Literature

Pseudo-biographical abuse narratives have become popular of late. For some, there’s nothing more tantalizing than digesting a real-life story about a victim who has suffered in the worst kinds of way. Sexual, psychological and physical abuse, paedophilia, sadism and self-harm — are just a few of the topics covered in what’s been coined as misery …

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social isolation feels like this

A Syndrome More Psychologically Debilitating Than Social Isolation

Humans are social animals. We talk, work and love together. We need others to survive. Pandemics can have us thinking that there is only one form of isolation. There is another. Usher’s Syndrome. No sight. No hearing. No speech. No communication. No world awareness. Nothing. From birth. You’re fortunate. If you can see this post, …

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